Checkout what makes 3D to 2D Animations so awesome!

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3D to 2D Animations was made with a lot of thought of the artist's creation process. Making things EASY was a first priority

Made for non artists and artists

You don't have to know ANYTHING about graphics, 3D or 2D to create beautiful results!

Capture model animations

Adjust the number of frames and the capture size to render the model animations into seperate frames

Use post processing effects

Create beautiful results with the post processing effect. Alter the final results with special effects

Render the normal map of the frames

Render the normal map for each frame to use lighting effects in your 2D scenes

Change the lighting of the scene

Change the lighting of the scene to create beautiful results, can be useful for a special color change to the model

Change the transform of the model

Alter the transform of the model to create a slightly different result, can be used as a quick way to make things taller or smaller

Load GLTF models

One of the best format there is for 3D graphics, the GLTF format is very versatile and all the formats can be converted to GLTF